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How To Sell Your Car.

How To Sell Your Car.

Selling your car can be a daunting task. From Craigslist crazies to dealers that want to cut you at knees to make a good profit off you, selling your car can seem like there's just endless pitfalls left and right. So, what do you do? How can you get the most value out of your car?
First off let’s get into how you can ensure that you get a fair value for your vehicle. Common mistakes that people tend to make is they lose the car's belongings. Did your car come with a cover? Did it come with tools or a battery tender? And how many keys. It may not seem like it but actually these belongings can have a serious impact on the resale value of your car. Especially when it comes to highline vehicles like exotics. One Ferrari key is a $1500 replacement and so are the manuals and tools. When dealers go to value your vehicle, they take this into account heavily because it's all things they'll have to replace when they go to resale your vehicle. If you manage to keep all the belongings with your car it's also a good indicator that you took good care of your vehicle. No one wants to buy a car, especially an exotic, that they believe lived a hard life. A car that’s lived a hard life can become an expensive project that nobody wants to be stuck with. Which is why the number of owners and the type of service records you keep can also be important factors that determine how much value the car has retained since it was first driven off the lot. It's also important to take into account that a car is not actually an investment. Most of the time, actually 99.9% of the time your car drops 25% the moment you drive it off the lot. Which is why it’s important to know you're going to lose some money when you go to sell a car. It's just inevitable. Some ways you can mitigate your losses is to not wait too long to sell if you don’t like the offers, you're getting. Every year you hold onto a car, even if you don’t drive it will decrease the value because new models with better technology and new styling come out every year. It’s important to have a good idea about what your car is actually worth, Kelly Blue Book can give you a decent idea of what your car should be worth, however the car market varies on a day-to-day basis much like the stock market. The changes in price aren't as dramatic however they will change over time. Something is only worth what someone will pay for it no matter what the original cost may have been. which is why you want to sell to a dealer with tons of industry experience like we have here at wholesale exotics. We make sure we give you the fairest value for your car possible. It may be true that there is a possibility of you getting more money for your vehicle if you sell it yourself through a website like craigslist however you never know what type of people you're going to meet and can they actually afford your vehicle. Not to mention the plethora of scam artists that could potentially come your way. Why put yourself through the hassle. This is where companies like us step in. We pay you before we take your vehicle and offer the most hassle-free service available.

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