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Why Right Now Is The Best Time To Sell Your Car.

Why Right Now Is The Best Time To Sell Your Car.

2020 was a crazy year filled with pandemics, political turmoil and crazy plot twists left and right. Something that no one saw coming was the explosion of the used car market. During the pandemic new car factories were forced to close. Causing an essential drought in the market, making your used car worth more than it normally would be. It’s given the private party sellers, like you , a lot more power over how much you want to sell your car for because dealerships are dying for inventory. People have been buying up cars left and right with stimulus checks and edd. We’ve seen cars actually increase In value in a short period of time where they generally would lose a significant amount of value. Making right now a sellers market until new car companies are able to reopen and flood the market with new vehicles. This may be one of the few times in history where regular cars that people use on a day to day basis have actually increased in value because of the scarcity of inventory for dealers. That being said no one knows when the market will drop because when it drops your vehicle will depreciate significantly. That's why here at wholesale exotics we help you sell your car quickly, easily, and we give you a fair value of your vehicle despite what the current market conditions are.

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